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What you can expect

Here you will find all the training and other learning opportunities available, including induction, advice and support to access learning materials. Our on line booking system provides easy access to all the training courses on offer so that staff can plan their training for the year ahead. This ensures staff meet their professional development needs, as identified in supervision and appraisals and in accordance with the Knowledge and Skills Standards (KSS). There are also further training opportunities, which will be prioritised and added during the year, or make enquiries if you have a specific learning need which is not mentioned in the programme.

What we expect from you

When you book on a course you will receive an email with joining instructions. A reminder is sent 1 month, 1 week and again 1 day before the training date. If you need to cancel your place, please login and remove your place. Please be aware of the Cancellation Policy and its terms that are set out at the time of booking.

Finally remember that the training programme is only as good as the feedback we receive. We would encourage you all to fill in the course feedback forms and tell us what you think of the training you have attended. After your training session, your attendance will be acknowledged on the online system. You will receive an email with a link to the evaluation form. This needs to be completed and submitted on line. This lets us know that it has been completed and you will then receive an attendance certificate. We would also like to encourage you to tell us what training would help you in your work with children and families. Our training programme has always been highly regarded and to keep it this way we need you to tell us what you want. There are obviously limits on what the budget can deliver but we would rather spend the money on what you regard as quality training.

Learners are expected to:

  • Make preparations in advance in relation to transport links and location of venue to avoid problems on the day of the event.
  • Read joining instructions in order to note the venue for the event and to make any advance preparation as required for the event.
  • Arrive on time, ready to give their full attention to the training course. It is advisable to arrive in advance of the course start time to allow time for registration and to ensure that the course starts on schedule.
  • Sign the attendance sheet for the event on arrival - this provides evidence of attendance.
  • Switch off mobile phones and devices during training courses and make arrangements in advance to cover emergencies
  • Avoid using lap tops and tablets to access emails or personal work during training courses
  • Return to the course from scheduled breaks on time as agreed with the facilitator
  • Contribute to and follow any additional ground rules set by the facilitator at the start of the event
  • Actively participate in the learning event, being open to new and challenging experiences, including skills practice and giving / receiving feedback (e.g. role plays, completion of assignments/homework allocated as part of the learning and development event)
  • Maintain and demonstrate high standards of integrity and professionalism at all times and be conscious that during the learning event they represent their organisation and as such are subject to the code of conduct at work
  • Understand and promote high standards of health and safety by ensuring that personal possessions are not left about in a way that poses a hazard to other learners
  • Promote a positive commitment to diversity, anti- discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice and being respectful to all learners and facilitators. Please note that bullying and intimidation of other learners will not be tolerated.
  • Be willing to have their practice and ideas constructively challenged by the facilitators and other learners in the spirit of learning and development in order to enhance their practice, knowledge and skills. Please note that learners who wish to challenge others must do this in a respectful and professional manner in order to avoid confrontation and abuse.
  • Complete an evaluation form at the end of the course, reflecting on their learning and experiences of the event.
  • Learners who arrive more than 30 minutes after the start time of the course may not be able to join the learning event. This is due to the potential disruption to the rest of the learners and also missing vital introduction and objective planning sessions for the group.
Children and Families Training Team

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